Why I despise the LGBT community?

In my own words I can happily say I despise the LGBT as it’s been in my life for 6 years and with 70% of it being torture. I see kids becoming the “gender” they made and it’s really disappointing as these kids think of LGBT as cool and starts to change there way of life in a way that will never be accepted by me. Here’s a story, when I was in elementary I was normal, I got bullied and got good grades. Now people started calling me gay and kept making fun of me since I was supposedly “gay” I am not gay in any way nor do I plan on doing so. This made me hate it at the start it makes me have a passion that cannot burned with water but needs to be extinguished with sand the size of San Francisco, in concept, LGBT is ruining society as a whole, ruining children of our own, getting people killed cause they are “homophobes” soon enough, they’ll have too much freedom, our country will die as a whole.

Aug 25

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  • “cannot burned with water but needs to be extinguished with sand the size of San Francisco”
    Definitely not a physics major 😝

  • Nor an English major, clearly.

  • Well, you're f***** up, aren't you? You need to get laid...

  • Aww, poor thing. Are you mad that OP is calling out this deeply stupid social trend? "I have thirteen genders and seven medical conditions, adore me and never say anything mean about me EVER!!!" That's how you sad little cvnts sound these days. What's really hilarious is that you demand to be taken seriously about it all. Protip, children: You will not be taken seriously in ANYTHING if this is how you try to define yourself as individuals.

    Thus endeth the lesson. Cry louder if this dose of realism hurts your precious peewins, your pathetic tears are delicious!

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