im thinking

i think i might be gay but being gay is a choice and its a sin so nevermind

Jul 8, 2010

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  • it's ok to be gay. i'm a very religious person, but i don't believe that god damns anyone for being homosexual. look, everyone's a sinner, right? no one's perfect, right? than i don't think you should try to be perfect for god. feel sorry for the bad things you do, and don't stress over what you can't help. by god's loving grace will he forgive you. : )

  • Get a life moron. It's 2009, god doesn't exist.

  • being depressed can be a choice or a psycho-physiological problem. if the wires in the brain, so to speak, can be crossed to force someone to always feel sad or happy, than couldn't it be that being gay is a result of crossed wires?

    also, recall that your God has created you in His image. if you're gay, and God created you in His image or at least allowed your creation, than its okay, because maybe God's okay with that. if He had a real problem with it, he'd nuke you like he did the sodomites, right?

    in the end, you need to follow what you think is right. there might be choices you haven't considered yet.

    i'm bisexual and still follow my religion as much as the average catholic (go to church for easter, xmas, etc). i still have faith in God, albeit i'm more agnostic than my fellow peers.

    if ultimately i'm wrong, than maybe i didn't need a god who'd force me into a no-win situation.

  • I say go for it.
    Hundreds of catholic priests can't be wrong.

  • You can't help it if you're gay. There's nothing wrong with being gay. I'm gay, and the world hasn't ended for me. I have a wonderful life with my partner of five years, and although I'm not religious, there are many religious organisations and religious people who are supportive of same s** couples. If you really are gay, don't suppress it - you can only ever be the person you truly are. You'll only be unhappy for your whole life if you don't.

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