Gay and scared to death

I'm a gay guy in a homophobic family. I have to pretend that im the biggest homophobic in the house so they don't find out that im gay. Should i move out or what ? :((((((((

Dec 13, 2015

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  • This post is soo gay.

  • Sorry but Its a serious problem for me

  • It gets better. Find friends that are like minded either online or in town but find friends to talk to

  • Okay. Thank you

  • You are beautiful. Stay safe and hold on.

    It gets better.

  • You don't know what they look like, stop being shallow.
    Staying safe and holding on is good advice.
    "It gets better" is bullshit. You don't know the future.

  • If you're of adult age and able to support yourself, move out. You don't need to be in an unsafe environment. When I was 18, I had a full time job and was able to move into a family-owned efficiency for $500 per month. I took the bus to work everyday until I saved up enough to buy a used car for $2k, cash. You can do it!

  • I'm 16 :((

  • It will be ok. See if you can get a part time job now and start saving your money (don't stress out if you can't). In the meantime know that there is nothing wrong with you and you deserve happiness and safety. Like someone else on here said: make friends and find like minded people that you can connect with. If possible, try to arrange time to talk to your school's counselor. But only do this if you know they actually care about the students and their well being and that they won't be homophobic. Oh and be warned that counselors are required to report if a minor is being abused. You deserve great things! Be safe. :-)

  • I can't stress enough how important it is that your counselor actually truly cares before talking to them. When I was in school (public) my counselor helped me through a lot of my family problems and it stayed between her and I. I can't say that everywhere is the same though, so please be careful.

  • I will try talk to them, thanks :))

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