because i'm going out of my mind not telling.

he told me not to tell anyone but i just need to get it out of my head even though this is so lame .

last night my friend (boyfriend of a friend) was hammered so i let him stay over at mine

i told him no, even though really at the time i wanted to make out with him even though he's going out with one of my friends
i don't like him like that and he doesn't like me like that
but he is so good and rough like i like it, i hate guys that are so soft and unsure
it was like he was primal
we didn't do it, but, we may as well have with everything else

the worst part is even though i don't want to be with him and i dont want him and my friend to split up, i want to hear how much he loved it, and how amazing it was, and i want him to tell me that he doesn't regret it
but he's petrified i'll tell,, i won't

we work together and i have to see them both all the time .

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  • I agree with the first comment. If you didn't lick his b**** and a******, suck his c*** and swallow his c**, he probably doesn't remember a thing.
    Plus you need to lose about a hundred pounds, oinkfest.

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