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I am 46 y.o. have spent a large part of my life being a good person and friend but have noticed that everyone has dropped away over time and new friends are hard to find and even they are very temporary. Even distant family cannot stick around. I do not think there is any such thing as a true friend.

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  • You have become the unmarried uncle.

    But post#1 is correct about the friends who become couples, then gravitate away from single friends. Not that they are not friendly, its just that they wish to enjoy things as a couple now. Hanging at a friends with no intent to do anything seems like a waste to one because they could me doing it with their own single friend too.

    To engage with them, you'll need to attend the events that the couple goes to. You will still be able to get in some time with your friends, but it needs to be scheduled, that is all. Couples organize their life more to meet each others needs.

  • Yeah kids are so stupid, they think they will never age. Stupid little bastards will find out on their own.

  • 30 years old is elderly for the internet, where everyone is magically 18 forever and permanently f****** their improbably seductive 12 year old sister.

  • I am about your age and I know what you are saying.......once people start getting married,having children,etc. they don't seem to need their old friends as much.I guess I am lucky because I am still best friends with my college roommate(whom I talk to once or twice a week,would be more but she lives in another state)She is a true friend and I am damn lucky to have her.
    I think you should get involved in community activities or perhaps your church(if you go) since it sounds like you need to meet other people who are in your age group and share your interests.Good luck,I know it can be lonely out there.

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