too many times, i tend to like the idea of a person before i get to know them, which causes problems when i actually want to befriend them.

people have turned out to be better, people have turned out to be worse. i just want to have a clear image of a person for once instead of some hazy reputation.

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  • Get to know a person first,before you decide on what sort of,person they're.You place too high a expectation,on others.We aren't perfect,no one is.But you're making it harder for yourself,to meet new people,if you judge them so highly.How would you feel,if people did that to you,aswell :)

  • Same thing happens to me. the answer may be to have no....expectations of a person. just get to know them before you build up a perfect image of them in your head. ergh. i should follow my own advice :/

  • ^Brought to you by someone who should follow their own advice.

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