I take advantage of a crackwh*re and my gf knows nothing.

There's a crack w**** in my neighborhood. She will do anything for some crack. And I made an arrangement with her, crack money in exchange for s**. Since she's high most of the time anyway, it gives me a chance to abuse her any way I want. Sometimes when I'm angry I just take out my frustrations on her by making her give me a bj while I shout abuses about her mother and her sister and call her boyfriend a wimp. Other times I make her pretend she's my best friends gf and cheating on him with me. All kinds of pretend stuff too. I love it. Stupid w****. Just a year ago she was completely cracked up and passed out just before we were going to do it. Stupid b**** was helpless but she looked so beautiful, I wanted to c** deep inside her but decided not to. I did take full advantage of her being passed out though. Used her like a rag doll that day and wrote "my w****" on her back with a black marker. My idiot bimbo gf has no idea this is been happening and it's been happening for the past 3 years. Sometimes I take them both to the same motel room and do them both in the same bed one after the other and they are clueless. Then I get to decide which one was better, who tasted better, who finished me better. I love this. God it feels good to finally confess.

Oct 31

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