Stepdaughter hatred

I married my wife 6 years ago. He youngest daughter was ten at the time. Now she's 16 and she's an unbelievable w****. Really unbelievable. She f**** anything that moves. Single, married, white, black, doesn't matter. She has the rep of a first-date sure thing (maybe even before the "date" actually happens), and she dresses like a w**** too. Her mother calls it experimenting. I call it humiliating. I hate this little s***.

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  • F*** her every night while you can

  • I think you might be a complete idiot. Her s** life is her business. If she likes to share her body freely it is hers to do so. She's a tad young, but maybe you should be looking at your wife and the child's father,and yourself as to why she behaves the way she does at this age. Mind your business. She can f*ck whomever she wishes. Grow up. Humiliating? Seriously? Get the major stick out of your a**. I bet you're dull a h*ll.

  • No, her s** life is not her personal business at 16. If you believe that, you're not dull or an idiot: you're a pedophile. The guy cares about the girl, whether or not her mother and bio-dad do. She's acting irresponsibly and dangerously, and he needs to be the grownup in the situation if the girl's mother won't.

  • Actually, if a guy is 18, or even 19, it's possible that they are of legal age difference, and therefore, the s** is totally legal. Age of consent doesn't mean s*** if they're of legal age difference.

  • I hope you are s******* her every chance you get.

  • If she f**** everything how come you have not had her?

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