I hate my mom’s boyfriend

I f****** hate my mom’s boyfriend so g******* much I just want wish he would leave right now. He is an obnoxious little p**** and it p***** me off that this pathetic man might be marrying my mom. I am the only one who sees him for who he truly is: a manipulative liar who takes everything at face value. He is stupid and is an anti masker and anti vaxxer. My mom and the rest of my family were actually good people and had common sense, but as soon as “he” came into our lives, my mom and my little siblings are all indoctrinated by him. It is only my older sister and I that are not stupid, and I thought I had someone to talk to, but now she is going to college and it hurts so f****** much whenever I have to be with him without my sister. I have no one to talk to when my sister goes away and I don’t want to spend another second with him. His daughter is almost as bad and is also a manipulative liar on a whole other plane. She believes every word of her father and the icing on the cake: they are trump supporters (my family is Hispanic).

21 days

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  • Sounds like you need to get laid and read some actual science. Masks literally do not work (admitted multiple times by fauci) and the vax is already proven to cause severe cardiovascular issues.

    By all means, take all the shots and boosters you please, for the sake of all of us it'll actually shorten your misery in pursuit of whatever you're looking for... because it's definitely not happiness.

  • Okay snowflake

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