My mom is old D:

Yesterday I looked at my mom and noticed how gray her hair was--and was terrified. I confess that now I'm tearing up just thinking how she's old, and I'm going to lose her one day and I'm so f****** scared and not ready for it. Honestly, she is the only person in my life who's ever given a s*** about me. I've had two friends in my entire life and she's one of them. We don't have a mother-child relationship; we're actually friends, haha. It's been me and her against the world because her life has sucked horribly and I'm the only one who has ever given her sympathy and cared. We're both in the same s***** boat and I don't know how I'm going to handle it when I'm alone in it. She keeps telling me how old she is and I say "no you're not; you've still got like forty years!" She's fifty-six.... and I hate old people. Like seventy year-olds who s*** their pants and forget things and smell bad. Seriously, I HATE them. So what am I going to do if my mom becomes one of those obnoxious old gross people? Or what if she dies sooner than that? God this is f****** depressing.

Haha, I know this is a lame post but really. I'm scared.

Nov 12, 2010

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  • Make your mother STOP eating sugar .
    Sugar is gausing this brain demage and pants shi ting. And aslong she not eat sweet stuff or sugar, She will live long and powerfull.
    Sugar (Fructose to be precise) is the Problem.

  • Oh and ofcourse LONG SLEEP. regular movement( dont need to be much, just regular and diffrent movement) And alot Proteins, fresh vegetables, And saturated Fats.
    These should do it.
    But most important STOP SUGAR(fructose) . Its literaly Poison.
    Its proven Scientificaly. for example Robert Lustig.
    Look it up.
    Sugar is poisen and demage many parts of the body.
    Stop consuming Sugar, very important.

  • First thing you need to do is get over yourself and deal with that nasty ageism streak you've got. It's not as fashionable as being a racist or a sexist, but it's just as ugly. Even worse actually, because people pretend it's not a thing.

    Your mother will continue to get older, and SO. WILL. YOU. So you might want to get on that sooner rather than later.

  • I'm 73 male and in good health - I come from a line of NH hillbillies that lived long lives and should be good for quite a few years. Every year they are making progress on solving aging, so you may live to see the day they can stop it.

    Try to make friends with people your age and your mother's age - get on the internet and local sites and find some friends. I correspond with a woman in Australia that I met on a blog, and my wife and I have her mother to take care of. Mom's in a nursing home, we are planning to bring her back home to live with us again. She's 90 this year, mostly blind and hard of hearing.

    Get some turmeric capsules and you and your mother take them. They help keep your brain sharp - people in the far east have been taking them for years to ward off mental problems such as Parkinsons and alzheimers and they work. I take two a day and they help keep my mind sharp.

    I have outlived one stepson and nearly lost another one this year. You could predecease your mother, but hopefully you both will live to a ripe old age. Not all old people are senile and smell bad. My dad and mom both passed away due to complications of smoking. ONE DAY AT A TIME and keep your spirits up. Take care of yourself and your mom.


  • This post is not lame. You're feelings are totally valid. Aging is scary, but we all go through it. Just because you're mom is 56 and has gray hair doesn't mean she's going to kick the bucket anytime soon. No one knows how long they have here on earth, so we just have to make the best of it and enjoy the time we do have with our loved ones. What happens when your mom becomes one of those "old people", gets sick, dies before you're ready to have her leave you? You will deal with it. It's the cycle of life. It's not easy, but you will get through it. But don't dwell on that.. yes, you should be prepared..but deal with it when it happens. In the meantime, talk to your mom about how you feel and your fears. You may want to speak with someone on a professional level about that too. It may help. Give you a better perspective and other coping skills. But on another note, please go and make an effort to meet people. It's great that you and your mom are so close, but you should and could benefit from having some more friends you're own age. We all need a support system.

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