Took the wrong turn and now I am back on path

As a conservative student, focused on my education, I avoided organizations or groups who were either political or into activism. I was generally not out about my romantic preferences and had had only had two serious relationships.

I was on a university visit to USF to see if that is where I wanted to follow up with my graduate program. I left the hotel and decided to walk to the campus. Along the way I ran into a group of activist LGBTQ women and they asked me if I was a lesbian, I didn't know anyone so I said i was, so they pulled me into the group. One of the women, a graduate student of Political Science took to me and kept me by her side. She walked me to campus and stayed with me all afternoon as I explored. After I had done the tour, and met the Dean of my program, she asked me to go with her to a party that night and meet other women like me.

I went and I woke up with her. This was my first impulsive sexual behavior. I participated and did everything I had not done, she was a stranger and I did what I wanted to do but never had. Later that afternoon she took me to a tattoo shop and had the double female lesbian sign tattooed under my wrist. In addition, she recorded me admitting that I was a lesbian. I was all of a sudden out.

When I attended USF I moved in with her and we were lovers and partners. Until one day she told me to move out, she had gotten bored with me. It destroyed me emotionally and I left the University and moved back home. My parents by then were aware of my orientation. During my stay with my parents I was seduced by a man at a party and I had my first straight s**, which resulted in a pregnancy (no BC).

I am currently being supported by him, along with our daughter and live in my hometown. I cover my tattoo, but many people know about my USF lifestyle, because it was posted on FB and I shared many pictures. I consider myself a lesbian by orientation but my reality is that with a child I need to be supported. And number two is knocking on the door. The truth is I am very comfortable living as a straight wife and do not have a problem being supported or being pregnant for that matter.

I do have a therapist, there are struggles, but most of them go back to being dumped by my partner in SF. For now I am a wife and mother and I don't have to work. Everything that the USF feminist don't want to hear.

Nov 10

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  • I thought I was gay during my 4 years of college. The school I attended required everyone to live in the dorms their first year. My dorm roomie was gay. Because it was a big change my dating life suffered. To put it simply I was an extremely h**** 18 year old. One night my roomie offered to help out with that. Next thing I know I was getting a great b******! From that point he sucked me off on a regular basis. He enjoyed playing the "girl" role and before long I started f****** him. When our year in the dorms was up we got a nearby apartment together. For 4 years he was literally my girlfriend and I did care for him. After college we went back to our home areas and drifted apart. I went back to dating girls and never had another bi or gay experience.

  • Past is past. Move on and enjoy happily married life.

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