In love with a play date lesbian

Personally I think that's what going on is a lot of experimenting. There are not any more lesbians or any more gay men. But there a lot younger boys and girls experimenting and pretending. I'm a confirmed lesbian, 34 and I live with my current girlfriend. She is a play date lesbian, and I am well aware that one day a man is going to take her from me. She will go on to marry a man and have children, maybe I will get to be their aunt. But she is definitely not a lesbian.

I have had one true lesbian relationship, which lasted four years and one day I came home and she had moved out. Left, abandoned me. I had to learn from a mutual friend that she moved cross country to LA. I was a very young 27 and hurt to the core. I stayed out of relationships for four years, and just recently returned to the game. This time with play date lesbians. They are fun, sexually inventive, they want to try anything and everything, they are all LGBT word salad. But they are not lesbians. One way to know for sure, is they hardly ever initiate oral s**.

I am in love with my current girlfriend, head over heals in love with her. I'm a bit of a protective mama bear with her, I support her, her job at the art store pays minimum wage. I stopped her from getting a rainbow tattoo, and tone down her LGBT activism. She is not a lesbian, I remind myself. I'm the lesbian. I confess fully that I make love to her from head to toe. She is 21 and I want her to finish college and get set up for life, but her world is with these subhuman adult temporary lesbians, they are all so full of themselves, but they haven't been dicked properly. Their day will come.

Actually in a random conversation with another true middle aged lesbian we talked about hiring a d*** man to take them out of the lesbian pool one by one, but not my girlfriend. I don't want her to ever experience d*** that way. If it has to happen believe me I will be there to orchestrate the whole thing. My baby is not going to get hurt, Mama Bear is here to protect her.

28 days

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  • I’ve been married for 26 years. My bff and lover is my next door neighbor we met over 21 years ago when our kids were small. One thing led to another and we have been lovers for about 20 years.

    Ten years ago during my husband’s surprise 40th birthday party. Andrea’s husband got really drunk and went home early. But she stayed to help clean up and hang out by the pull. She caught my hubby eyeing her and asked if he liked what he saw. He said you fire crotch is so hot. She looked down and saw she had some pubes showing. She turned beet red.

    One thing led to another and we had a threesome. It was amazing watching Jim pound her so hard. It made me dripping wet. Then I licked her clean.

    To this day we still enjoy regular threesomes but Jim is not allowed to eat out Andrea as that is my p**** to eat

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