I like it when my boyfriend hits me - NOT hard, but firm. normal?

I just need to know if this is normal. my boyfriend says it is and he likes it but i want a second opinion.
basically, to put it bluntly, i like it when he hits me -NOT in a violent nature and NEVER if we argue. when things are getting a little heated, i like it when he chokes me and gets rough. for example, my legs were laying over him and he started tapping at me knees, then watched my face for any negative reaction as he punched my knee softly - not much force at all, sort of like if you go to kneel on the floor, that sort of force. i liked it, so i smiled. he smiled then did it harder, and i liked it even more.
so, he landed firm but NOT harmful/injury worthy punches, i got a bruise the next day but i liked it a lot and he liked it too

of course there shouldnt be a problem if we both like it, but is this weird??

Nov 14

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