Weird guy keeps asking me to lunch!

I just started my first job at a mail center. It’s just temporary because I’ve always been full time student at a major university until this year. I currently have two Master’s Degrees. My first is in Political Science and my second is WGS. I was working on my third in Library Studies but turned 26 and my parents began FORCING me pay for my own way AND my health insurance! BTW: Because I’m a female, the mail center refuses to pay me within accordance to my educational level!
Jay’s a delivery driver with a major parcel service and this location is on his route. He’s cute, sandy blonde hair, 6ft and very fit and omg! total eye candy! whew!
The older women flock to him and make comments about his ‘bulging package’ in his tight shorts. I admit taking a look and he's packing! omg!
Jay started totally creeping on me from day one and it weirds me out! My co-workers are old and married. He said, “I hear you’re single. Would you like to get lunch or coffee next door sometime?” That’s totally unacceptable and strange for him to ask my co-workers about me! I bombed my co-workers for telling him anything about me!
The next week, things went off scale weird & psyco.
Monday, Jay brought me one red rose from the flower shop next door! On Tuesday, I got two red roses, Wed, 3 red roses Thurs, 4 red roses. It was awkward and embarrassing for me! On Friday, Jay gave me a dozen red roses and asked if I lived close by because he’d like to take me to Ruth’s Chris! I total freaked out! Why does he want to know where I live? I wanted to call the police but the manager wouldn’t allow it. I also asked the manager to ban him from our store but she refused! Typical, taking up for the man!
Jay didn’t go to college!!! I called my WGS studies professor. She specifically forbid me from interacting with him! She also thinks I’m being sexually harassed and the store is liable!
I told her about the roses and his offer to dinner. She said it’s a bad idea but if he insists, tell him I will go with him if a group of my friends go and he pays the bill for everyone!
I want to quit but need the money and insurance.

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  • Maybe you need to look past your own self entitled arrogance. Some of the most successful people are not college graduates. My ex-wife wasn't a college grad, and I have an MBA. We divorced not because of our education, but because of her bi-polar bat-** crazy antics. If you are not interested in him, flat out tell him so, and move on.

    As for your parents - FORCING YOU - to pay for your own insurance and life, sweetie, it sounds like they paid for your entire college education, be thankful for that. As for the degree selection, welllll - that is on you. You chose degrees that dont pay worth a flip, now you are going to need to figure out what real life is going to have in-store for you.

    As for your WGS (assuming Women's General Study) instructor "forbidding you" makes me think you are a submissive little mousey female.

    For the liability, grow up - there is none. No laws are broken, and the company hasn't put you in specific danger. You dont like the fire, get out of the kitchen and go work somewhere else.

  • The dude peddling the child-exploiting pics is using two email addresses
    that you can see him use if you perform a simple a Google search.

    He uses--->

    If you find either email address on a website, IMMEDIATELY send an email to the site admin or 'Contact' info page for that website to report to them that a ** is advertising their wares on their site!

    He's trying to profit from the exploitation of children forced to pose without
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  • Be bold, tell him that you are not interested in him.

  • The problem is that I am interested and he's the first guy interested in me. However, he didn't go to college. It would be awkward because I'm smarter than him.

  • Yeah, that comment settled it…you’re a moron. I hope you die alone from a flesh-eating bacteria. You shouldn’t date that man because he is too good for your arrogant entitled **.

  • You don't have to be so mean! I'm just stating the facts. He didn't go to college and it would be awkward for him. I'm a well educated female.

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