Methwhore in the making

There is a meth shortage that has raised the price exponentially in the city where I live, and I had to walk 50 blocks after midnight to get to the only dealer I know who had any. He got me super high for free, but refused to sell me any to take home, and when I complained he took me to his bedroom.

He had p*** on the tv, locked the door, shut off the lights and got baked and laid down on his bed. “I got you high, suck n swallow and I’ll give you a game (3.5grams). He spread his legs. “Im not gay” me, neither - but one of us will be getting naked to suck d*** and eat my ass before swallowing a 5 day old load of c** like a filthy street w**** or going the f*** home in the next 60 seconds” and I had him in my mouth before I went super high, I thought about every face I had f***** full of c**, and it was morning when he exploded and filled my mouth & throat full of his c** to Swallow. I took my dope and left. It’s been 2 days and I still feel him in my mouth.

I wanna get f***** up my ass and swallow another load now.

Dec 5

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