Caught naked

I remember my sister walking into the bathroom with her girl friend while I was in the shower. She just sat there telling her "don't you think he looks better with no clothes on" while they pointed their cel phones at me. It the worst time for my Mom going to the supermarket. I had no other choice but to finish me shower in front if them. Now I'm embarrassed about asking her on a date.

Dec 13

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  • OP, you should have come out of the shower with a h****** and ask them if they like what they see. Then ask them if they would like to touch your c***, give you a b******, or if they want you to f*** them. If I was you, that's what I would have done. Blood relation be damned, p**** is p****. Only bad p**** is from ugly women. Surely your sister and her friend aren't ugly so you have no reason to not f*** the s*** out of them.

  • I am a 15 year old girl with a 17 year old brother who has a friend who is a really hot guy and i have a strong crush on him!This past weekend he brought his friend to our house so they could play video games.Since i am a bedwetter still bedwetting from puberty,i wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night and my brothers friend saw me wearing them before bedtime! I was somewhat embarrassed,but now i wonder what he thinks of me! I really like this guy!

  • I used to m********* in the shower, then one day the sliding glass door was shoved open and there stood my wife with two of her girlfriends.

    She was teaching me a lesson is what she said, she told me I was supposed to save that for her.

    Since then, I stopped doing that in the shower. The two other women smirked at me, talk about embarrassing.

  • You should had a threesome with your wife’s friends while she watched

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