20 year anniversary

22 years ago when I was 21 I met my husband, So hot, So sexy, So...Persuasive, I went upstairs with him and we got all hot and sweaty and then his room mate walked in, Camera in hand and video taped me getting atgged for the first time in my life, I swallowed his room mates load and then my husbands while his room mate took a turn f****** me. I did not enjoy it, It was not my idea of a good time and when it was all over I spent the night in bed with my future husband.
It was probably 2 months before it happened again but I was basically blackmailed into it knowing there was a video somewhere, I asked my husband to get it and he did, We got marrid and on our wedding night I consummated my marriage and then did the best man, His room mate, Over the last 22 years it has become a regular thing and we do it semi monthly usually and it is now just normal.
I still don't know how in 22 years no one has ever found out but I am glad.

Dec 13

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  • Did your husband or his room mate f*** you first? My room mate was the first one to f*** my wife and then I got a turn while he stuck his d*** in her mouth and got hard again. Then while he f***** her for a second time she sucked my d***. My room mate f***** about 10 girls while we were in college and I only f***** my wife. When my room mate was between girl friends he would f*** mine. One night he f***** my wife and then while I was f****** her he let three other guys into the room. They each f***** her and came inside her. Then I fell asleep and the next morning I found out that twelve additional guys f***** my girlfriend. He continued to bring guys into our room and over the next two years more than a hundred guys f***** my girlfriend who I asked to marry me after we graduated.

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