your driving me crazy

i seriously think im going to have a nervous breakdown because of you. i love you more than i could ever love any man out there. i know youre my soul mate. but i dont think youre grown up enough for me. you act like a child. youre manipulative, coniving, thiefing, digrading, and down right mean sometimes; and yet i still love you. you never help out with our daughter unless i beg or promise "favors". it makes me feel horrible when you "joke" around with me. i dont know what to do. when i try to tell you how i feel; you pull the pity me bullcrap and make me feel guilty; when im not in the wrong at all. all my friends tell me im too nice to you. but im just scared of losing you. if this keeps up i dont think we're going to last; and that scares me. i dont want our daughter growing up without her father like i did! what do i do?

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  • but i have noone else but him i have no job no money no car no nothing. and he does have a good side too; honestly hes great most of the time; but when hes a j***; hes a f****** j***!!! he is amazing with our daughter when he actually does help. but it not often. i just dont know what to do about him.

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