Peeing my pants during online classes

Should I wear diapers? I sometimes have the urge to want to p*** in my white satin panties even though I find it embarrassing to admit.

Feb 15

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  • I don't know if the person who started this thread is still around, but did you ever get some diapers for your online class? I finally did after wetting my pants twice on Zoom. Last Monday I did my class wearing a diaper that I bought online. Honestly, it was the most comfortable thing ever! I kind of wish I could just use it as underwear all the time but I don't think I'd wear one in public. I have been having some weird thoughts about "accidentally" revealing my diaper while on Zoom though. And yes, I did use it during class last Monday.

  • I want to "accidentally" revealing my diaper to my friends while hanging out.

  • About two weeks ago, I did pee in my pants while attending a class on Zoom. It wasn't something I wanted to do, but I waited too long and it happened andI was embarrassed even though no one knew what happened. I posted about it here, suggesting that maybe I should wear diapers while doing my class. I wasn't serious, but some replies got me thinking about doing it. I still haven't but on Monday this week, I had to go during class and I peed in my shorts again, on purpose. In a strange way, I enjoyed the feeling. Now after reading this I am going to start wearing diapers. Can anyone suggest what brand?

  • Yes I can. That depends on is you want adult baby diapers or regular adult diapers. It also depends if you want cloth diapers of disposable. For me as a boy, I love AB Universe disposable and Rearz cloth.

  • Oh I don't really know what I want. The idea of me wearing diapers at 20 is both crazy and somehow exciting to think about. I don't know why. I'll look up what you suggested online. I'm afraid to go to the store and buy them even though it's probably no big deal.

  • If you're really serious, you should pair it with an adult baby onesies from diaper drawer and privatina-shop. They have very cute ABDL clothing to match your diapers.

  • Whoa! Slow down! Is that what I am now, or becoming? It's all new to me. Two weeks ago, wetting my pants was the last thing I wanted to do, but I had an accident and was ashamed and embarrassed about it. But then last Monday, when I could have just let the whole thing go and forgotten about it, I peed in my pants again, on purpose this time, and liked both the feeling of wetting , the sound it made, and the naughtiness of it, and that I did it right in front if everyone but no one could tell. I do find the idea of wearing diapers exciting, and am serious about that now. I don't know about onesies and all that. Let me just try some diapers first.

  • Only if you want to. You could just wear the diapers and that's it. It's your choice. I found that my diapers were not enough for me. If they're enough for you, then good.

  • I got some of the AB Universe diapers you suggested and tried them. I liked them so much that I'm not just wearing diapers during my class which is nearly over, but just about every day of the week.

  • If you don't p*** in the diaper, then you're not fully using it. I do both. I love doing both.

  • I wear diapers. I don't think it's a big deal. I peed myself during an online class too. I felt embarrassed. When it happened again, I decided to buy some adult diapers. My mom helped me pick them out. It was like I was a kid again. They look and feel fine on me. My mom teases me about it sometimes and take it all in stride.

  • Thanks, I will get some because I don’t want to stain my panties. I hope the diapers aren’t too uncomfortable on me and will feel good.

  • How bad is it getting anyways?

  • Well not that bad, I just want to try it out and get into wearing them. I leak sometimes in my panties and it’s a turn on for me.

  • For me, I didn't even know if I had to go or not. I would finish my class, suddenly feel my underwear and realize I peed myself.

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