So my grandma said to me " fine then dont tell me anything" so yeah i got p***** off but i still keep a steady face then open my door then i shouted "then fine i wont tell anything to you "but not to loud this is what happend before that so yeah my aunt's friend got us food one of it was super tasty when looked at it,so yeah i decide to eat the other dish and that "super tasty food " i decide to eat it tommorow cus its already night so after that go to bed then watch funny vid's i hear the sound of a motor i knew that's my uncle coming home so yeah i keep watching then i realize that what if my uncle eat's that "super tasty food" actually i think it's a chicken so yeah i go to my unlce asked him if he's going to eat he said "yes" so he might eat that "super tasty food" the chicken and what if he ate it all then there's none left when i wake tommorw then yeah i panic like im on a TV series then yeah rushed out into my grandma's room actually its open as always so you can enter to get something ,sometime's the door is closed so yeah after knowing that my uncle is going to eat i russhed to my grandma she was watching on her phone then i pant then my grandma said "what is it!?" i think i distracted her maybe she's on a bad mood or she's thingking of something, for me think i distracted her i always do "that i rushed to my grandma then tell what happend like how's your day?" and yeah sometime's i distracted her so i was gonna say to him that " what if uncle eats the chicken? then none of it was left " instead i think it's nonesense so yeah i just said "never mind" then yeah i left out then she keeps saying what? i dont want to tell him anymore i may distracted her more then she said "then fine dont tell me anything" so yeah here's the moment i got p***** off then i shouted "then fine i wont tell anything to you " after that i felt really bad to what i said and to what i did i wish i didn't do that i just make him more mad i fell guilty when i shouted on her i know that i shouldn't do that because she's older than me i just wish i didn't do all of that im really disappointed about my self i just want to melt and i find out to my self maybe im selfish like i dont share my food if your reading this plss dont hate me i feel bad about being selfish i just wanted to say sorry soon to my grandma .

Feb 18, 2022

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