I am a man who is 68 years old and loves to wear women's undergarments especially bras,**,slips and everything that the ladies wear to look absolutely **,gorgeous,vivacious etc.

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  • I think you're an absolute darling. I enjoy crossdressing too and I'm the same age as you and I have been doing so for years. I can pass as female in public and it's such fun and highly sexual, wearing lovely lingerie, stockings.
    and floaty flirty skirts.

  • I'm telling you, the chincks pull the strings on Dems, who pull the strings on BLM & Anqueefa. The chincks are happy to see feral thugs from the hood and across the border kill innocent whites for no reason.

    You know what else? The goooks are also behind the deaths of thousands of whites a year in the form of opioid overdoses. And they hate whites with such a burning passion that they celebrate our deaths and suffering on Reddit.

    I don't watch Kpoop cuz I don't appreciate sodomites filling up the screens. We gotta do something and it starts with g and ends with e and has 8 letters. 2 billion zipperheads. 2 BILLION ZIPPERHEADs.

  • Mulattas, Asian girls, brown girls and swarthy girls all envy the blonde, and want a blond man to turn his kids brown.

    Like he has black hair & upturned nostrils & all he wants to do is save the mayo race by turning a blonde's kids abbbo quadroon.

    Asian girls have the physiques of a 12 year old boy, so they naturally appeal to peedos sorry I meant whites.

    All they want is the sperm of some dweeb who never played sports in high school, and the hot oneitis of his dreams went with a Chad instead of him.

    I think it's great that the lowest level of the white race is helping to whiten the darkies so their kids can look like borderjumpers who behead Americans in San Antonio.

  • If you're brown you're gay. That's the law. You're white on the inside, which makes you put mayonnaise on plain rice, but on the outside, you look like a cross between black and white, abbbo mixed with blonde. One drop rule: you'll never be white.

  • The faags, dyykes, trannies and queers have never had better allies.

    Fascism is now a brownoid's game. No whites allowed. I always knew fascism was **.

    And most helicopter riders are ** & ** browns. Too many trannies in the world, and they all start as faags.

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