I never asked to be female

I'm going to comment on the female side. We didn't ask for this. We, not males, are burdened with children. Pregnancy sucks. Menstruation sucks. Being unprotected sucks.

Being female is far better than being male, IMHO. Females get to have children. Of all experiences, giving life is unequaled exhilaration. The mere fact that nurturing is part of our nature gives us daily rewards. We have very strong and resilient bodies. We can do just about anything, not always on the same level as males.

When I wake up, when I see my body, I'm female. I'm glad. I hope males feel as good about being males. Life sucks, so make lemonade. I would never be a good male. I am a good female. I didn't ask for it. But I'm glad I was born to live the life of a female, a girl, a woman, a mother, a wife.

Apr 14

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