Teenage lover is better than my husband

My teenage nephew was giving me Compliments that my husband should've been giving me,I thought my nephew was just being sweet but knew it was more than that when he touched my butt,that was the beginning of the best 7 months,I knew because i let him touch my butt he would carry on groping me and i enjoyed a younger man interested in me exciting,, with me in my late 30's and still in good shape i felt i needed to have a little fun before it was to late, after some time letting my nephew grope me whenever he wanted i visited my nephew one morning knowing he would be home by himself and still in bed,I let myself in using my sister's spare key and made my way up to my nephew's bedroom and he was fast asleep,I stripped off and getting in bed with him i woke him up,my nephew had morning wood and half asleep he asked what's going on and i mounted and rode him quickly bringing my nephew to climax,that's the best way to deal with a h**** teen,I let his d*** slip out and then got out to get dressed then hear hey don't go and looked round at him stroking his already erect d***,my nephew maybe 16 but he knows what he's doing, being man handled by a teenager pushed back on his bed onto my stomach and immediately he began having s** with me, grunting moaning and for the second time he climaxed, what i don't get from my husband i happy to be getting from my lover.

30 days

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  • W****!

  • I use to mow lawn, one lady about 50 or so asked me to come in after I was done to get paid. When I went in, she was in just a towel and quickly made her interests known.
    Best Summer of my life, I kept her lawn well mowed, too.

  • I’m jealous. Wish you lived in my neighborhood

  • As a teen I used to service the lady across the road regularly, lasted for several years before I moved away. she was in her mid 30's and was always h**** for me. Fantastic s**

  • Wish it were me :)

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