It wans't planned

This ordeal ended my marriage and more. I was a practicing crossdresser and loved to go out. I was out on another evening and had met some gentlemen darkskinned, three of them, they were hung and so big I had to have them. I did them all in the restroom sucked each of them dry. Told them I would love to see them again. I thought my evening was complete. Had a few more drinks at the bar and went home. It was a long drive but being a bit wasted I had to be careful. 100am when i got home and my wife was asleep. I snuck in and was just about to get undressed from my night out when i heard a knock at the door. I went to the door and the three black dudes I had sucked off dry were there and they wanted more. I told them no but they insisted and were bent on making a ruckus if I didn't. I opened the door and took them downstairs hoping to avoid my wife waking. They began to rub me and take my clothes off and soon I was their toy, this time in private. It was appareant they wanted more than a BJ this time. I was........

May 1

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