First time & loved it

I'm a married man 32yrs old and went out last weekend with friends we all got split up after a few drinks, I ended up in a gay bar (didn't realise) and met a few girls and guys, met a guy called Jason and as we were talking ended up him telling me that it was a gay bar I didn't believe him there were no signs saying but never been to a gay bar before didn't know what to expect, he was telling me there were gloryholes in the toilets were if the mood takes you you can still your c*** through them and wait for it to be sucked or f***** I thought he was joking but as I went to have a look he was right. There was a man been sucked off right before my eyes couldn't believe it but it also turned me on and there were other Willys sticking out other holes I was a bit tipsy after several drinks and my c*** was unable to get hard after all alcohol I'm not the biggest chap down stairs department and I c** pretty quick as well as my wife knows only too well so I got the urge to suck the biggest c*** that was there it was probably 8 inches a lot bigger than me and I decide what the h*** having never sucked a willys before, I made him rock hard wanking and sucking him off then he told me to turn around a*** up in the air, I did and he slowly with liquid ( I guess lube) felt the first willy slide in to me and it was amazing I came and so did he and I don't know who he was. But I feel guilty about what happened not telling my wife ? Shall I just keep quiet ?


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  • You keep it to yourself and don't do it again if you love her because I know to many guys that wanted to be honest tells then the wife can't forget it and leaves him

  • You should tell your wife what you have done, she might like it ? or she might think your a c*** sucker and bring some home for you as you sound like a small c*** loser

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