My son's girlfriend feels very close to me. Her mother passed away when she was twelve. We are next door neighbors and she has kind of latched on to me as a mother figure ever since.
She is now eighteen and graduating high school. My son is actually a year younger and is a junior.
Now the embarrassing part. She feels she can tell me anything. I am aware they have had s** but up until now I have managed to skirt the issue and keep it simple with "just be careful".
Well it didn't happen that way yesterday! I choked on my cup of coffee as she blurted out "he loves to f*** me in the ass". As a mother that has seen him naked many times I am aware he is well blessed. Suddenly I had the vision in my head of my son f****** a girl i think of as a daughter up the ass! I didn't know what to say and my silence gave her the chance to go on about their s** life. They are freaks! I finally caught an opportunity to get in and steer the conversation away from s**.
Wow, I can't get it out of my head!

18 days

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  • She probably farts c** on your couch

  • Awesome. Love to hear more

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