Girls look much older these days

Why do all these young girls dress and look so provocative now days I try not to look at them but it's kind of hard when a 15-year-old has bigger ** than my wife especially when I go to the pool they'll be in thongs you can see everything I hope I'm not the only one it really gets to me sometimes they definitely didn't make them like that when I was that age LOL.

Next Confession

As much as I want him i've got to somehow move on.

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  • I am right there with you, it is hard not to notice and actually be intimidated when a 15-year-old girl with 38DDs walks around with no bra or at a pool they are wearing thongs and their cute behinds are jiggling. You want to be polite and such but...I am a man, after all, and my body wants to make a baby with these women, nothing I can do about it but turn away and then go home and think thoughts and do things! No crime in that.

  • These are modern girls well experienced in the sexual arts by their exposure to the media and the internet. Most of them have have their first sexual coupling with a well hung muscular Black Male.Society encourags it. BBC is necessary for these teen girls so they can be properly impaled and inseminated.My fantasy is kissing,worshiping and ** on the feet of these gorgeus blackbred white girls.Many like me wish to be footboys to them.

  • Superior black ** is the elephant in the closet that every young white girl worships and desires.

  • I here you. With their g by ready to pop out on their tops and short shots. ** you can see ** Cher kk s hanging out. Until they turn around.c that’s when you realize that it’s off limits. I don’t mess with underage girls.

  • We want you to look at us and we want your wife to see you looking at us.

  • We do it because we like to show off our ** and our bums. It's really not rocket science.

  • We are 14 year old twin girls and like the previous poster, we do it to attract men. When we smoke cigarettes, we watch them play with their c o c k s through the pocket of their jeans, Don't worry we get turned on by them watching as well.

  • I am a girl,14,and just made my First Holy Communion back on May 22nd with the class of 7 year olds and per the parish dress code,had to wear a poofy,short sleeve,knee length,communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white mary jane shoes and a white tee shirt with a cloth diaper and plastic pants under my dress just like the little girls.Before the ceremony,several teenage boys gawked at me and even one of them snuck up behind me and quickly lifted up the back of my dress to see my diaper and plastic pants! I knew all of the boys were aroused by seeing me dressed like the little girls and some of them also had erections under their pants!

  • I love seeing them so hot and **

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