Are dad errections normal reactions or for me

I'm curious what is normal or what makes men hard. At a nice figured 15 I am comfortable in less and loose clothing at home. Dad has always payed attention but for the past year or so I notice he gets an erection that seems to correlate with my dress and actions. I like it but want to know if it would be the same with any lady or is it that I excite him. Sometimes I casually show a lot in an innocent way that its like not on purpose and is totaly natural. And he's just my stepdad so I think my real dad wouldn't get an erection or not so many. I am trying to learn psychology and human behaviors, including my own.
open nightgown

Jun 23

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  • I don't know what's normal if there is such a thing but my dad gets boners all the time and walks around naked around me and my sisters. There's four of us, no brothers, we're 20, 18, 15 (me), and 13. My oldest sister Carrie is married and has a kid already, she lives in a 2nd house on our parents ranch. My other sisters Hazel and Emma and I are often walking around in our underwear or sometimes less and we're all pretty curvy just like our mom. Dad always gets a hardon at breakfast and lots of other random times and it's obvious when he's hard even though he wears loose clothes because his thing is so big. Carrie says dad is way bigger than her husband Jeff and Jeff knows it too and is really weird about it like super jealous and also afraid of my dad though. Dad showers every night and sometimes after it he just walks around the house naked with his huge thick thing sticking straight out and says where's your mother? And we laugh but i also get really wet when i see it, I think that might be weird but whatever. Sometimes mom will have s** with him after these nudey jaunts but sometiems she says she has a headache and then he just walks around some more and says well who's going to take care of this then? We all laugh, even mom, she just shakes her head, sometimes dad laughs and shakes his big thing back and forth at all of us.

  • You should let him clap those cheeks bro

  • Yeah my dad always got hard around me then

  • F*** him and see if it feels normal.

  • Any man that looks at a younger woman (especially a teen) and finds her attractive is going to be curious and get hard. If he happens to see her naked b****** or crotch, he's really going to get hard because at that point she is now fair game that must be bred at any cost whether she's his own daughter or not. Period.

  • Dad-abnormal for sure. Stepdad-somewhat normal but something he should be able to control.

  • "he gets an erection that seems to correlate with my dress and actions."
    What kind of dress and action?

    "Sometimes I casually show a lot in an innocent way"
    How so?

  • My daughter is an attractive young lady but I have never gotten an erection from looking at her. I just can't think of her like that. On the other hand she has some hot girlfriends that I have had some pervy thoughts about. I'm a signal dad and back when my daughter was your age she would have some girlfriends spend the night sometimes, especially in thee summer. They would stay up late doing whatever and sleep in the next morning. About 11 they would come rolling out to the kitchen with their bed heads, little shorts, old t-shirts or little tank tops, no bras, perky . . . I would make them food and coffee. They would hang around in the kitchen giggling, goofing around with each other and boy that seen would make my d*** hard. *wink*

  • The fact he is your step dad that is normal. He is a man and he finds you attractive.

    A biological father would have an adversion to such a reaction. If he began feeling such a reaction the thought of that’s my daughter would take over.

    But I admit I do get h**** over my daughters friends. I drives me crazy when they are in their skimpy swimsuits or sit on my knee

  • Fake s***. The OP is just some sad fat basement dweller.

  • Your not supposed to look at your own daughter and feel h****. If you can't help it then look away. If you deliberately look at your own child then you are a pervert.

  • My dad has a h****** for me at times which i don't like

  • Some dads get an erection when there daughter is growing up and showing signs of maturity, an erection for your daughter can be voluntary or in voluntary, i personally get an erection for mine when she is around she doesn't sit discreetly i can see up her skirt i know i shouldn't look but i do and enjoy, my erection what man does not, i know she is aware of it and keeps having look at my bulge, ?

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