Wife sharing

A workmate and I used to go drinking together, and we'd finish off at my house where I used to brew my own beer. He used to sit alongside my wife and would start kissing and fondling her. She thoroughly enjoyed it, and reciprocated. I used to watch them kissing and groping, and I'd get sexually excited watching them. One night he stayed over, and when we went to bed, i asked her to put her baby-doll nightdress on, but leave the panties off.
I told her to go to his room and have fun with him, She was shocked and replied no, but after a bit of an argument went out of our bedroom. She tried to get back into the but I wouldn't let her in so she had to go to his room. I had to listen to them making love, and it got me tremendously excited. Eventually she came back to our room, but cleaned herself up first. I slipped into her so easily, it felt delicious. I told her that I wanted her to keep his c** in her in future, he used to stay over quite often after that.
I loved being cuckolded, I loved her being a sexy cheat, but most of all, I loved sliding into her while she was still full of his c**. Unfortunately he moved away, and later died. I would have loved her to take another man and restart the kinky fun we had.

Jul 3

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