when i was 15

I am 28 now but when I was 15 I sleptd over my friends house and we stole his parents wine and got drunk. The girls that we were supossed to meet could sneek out so we were drunk and h**** and had no girls. I said to him maybe we can j*** off together. He said he can't c** when he jerks off so I said let's just try. We were really drunk and couldn't c**. He had a real nice d***. I then said let's flip a coin to see who would suck who first. He said are you serious and I said yes. He flipped a coin and I had to do it. I never did it before so I started to hold it then I licked it then sucked it. About ten min later he came in my mouth so hard it was so much I swalloed it. Then it was his turn. He sucked me for 5 min till I cam in his mouth and he spit it on to my stomach. Then we tried kissing and I tried to get my d*** in his ass but it didnt work.we went to sleep woke up naked on his bed and full of c** and spit. I said what happened he say I don't know. I think we hooked up. He said oh ye. We took a shoewer and measured our d****. Mine was a little bigger than his. So I got dressed and went home. A month later he is dating my step sister and told her all about it.I wanted to kill him. She asked me what happened and I told her. She then asked if I would do it again I said maybe. Then she said let's all get naked and I wanna watch you suck him and hime suck you. so he slept at my house that weekend. As soon as my parants were sleeping she came in and demanded us to get naked and she got naked to. She statrted sucking his d*** till he came and then made him c** in my mouth. The she wanted both of us to lick her p****. I then started sucking his c***. he started sucking mine then she came from masturbating and went to her room to sleep. We f***** around till 4 am until I got him to swallow my c**.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Wow thats hot, you should of went into more detail. Quick question are you into both genders?

  • Dayum that hott .. wish I seen to guys kissing s*** like that

  • Sounds like the OP brought out some dudes who are closeted like no one's business.

  • Die you f****** d*** licker

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