Didn't go as planned.

My hubby and I decided to spice things up in the bedroom recently with a friend of his, He set it up and had everything ready to go, Him and his friend were having beers in the garage and I went out to join them in my little denim shorts and a sort of see through tank top, About 10 minutes in I noticed his friend was paying a lot of attention to me whenever my husband would look away. I sat on my husbands lap, He lifted my top and it was go time.
His friend didn't hesitate in stepping up to the plate right in front of me, He reached down and started feeling me up (I have natural D's but 3 kids) but he seemed to enjoy them, I didn't have much interest in the awkward foreplay portion of it so I whipped his pants down and was happy with our choice, I am a girth girl and he definitely had the girth but no shortage (Pun intended) in the length department either and it was a nice looking d*** too, I leaned in and started sucking and stroking him, My husband stood me up then he stood up and sat me back down, His friend stood back in front of me and I sucked his d*** while my husband got his pants off.
Pretty soon I for the first time in my 41 years had 2 d**** in my hands at the same time alternating sucking them, My husband was way into it, He got a little over excited and grabbed my head blowing a load in my mouth while his friend stood watching and stroking. After I finished sucking him dry I went back to work on his friend, My husband watched for a few minutes and then stood me up, Put my hands on the work bench and got his friend behind me, Shorts to my ankles and his friend ears deep in me from behind, I kicked my shorts off and spread my legs as he licked and fingered me, He put his hands on my hips and licked me and I was literally dripping come on the garage floor, I had leaned down to my elbows on the counter and hadn't even come yet and there was a little puddle of come on the floor between my feet.
My husband was standing beside me watching his friend ad playing with my b****, He was stroking with one hand and started groping my bum with the other then he licked his finger and slid it in my butt, Not my fav but at the moment I let it happen, Luckily it wasn't too long before his friend stood up and my husband moved his hand, I looked my husband in the eyes as his friend slid his big d*** in me, Yowzers it felt great, I was so wet he just slid all the way in until he bottomed out and I started to shake, He held my hips tight as he held it in me deep and I came with a "F*** yes, Yes, Yes, AAAhhhhhh" and I could hear my come dripping off his b**** onto the floor.
My legs got wobbly so his friend sat down and I sat on his lap slowly riding him as best as my legs could manage and quickly regained my composure, My husband stood in front of me and I could see he was having a bit of an issue so I sucked him trying to get him hard again, He started getting a little frustrated and I could tell, I sucked him and licked his b**** and stroked him while he played with my t***, He got half hard and I stood up, turned around and got on my knees, I sucked his friends d*** while he tried shoving his half hard d*** in me but it just wasn't working, I let him thumb my ass and he just couldn't get there.
His friend switched places with him and made me come again with my head rested on my husbands thigh and then I laid on a blanket which had been strategically placed before hand and let his friend f*** me missionary while my husband straddled my face, I sucked his d*** and b**** and tried and tried and finally he got frustrated and just sat back and watched, We must have f***** for an hour in a dozen different positions and I know his friend came twice and his friend told me there was a third I missed, In the end his friend pulled out, Shot a load on my stomach, T*** and neck and then surprised me by shoving it back in me and f****** me for maybe another minute and pulling out again and coming in my mouth so I count that as one.
After it was all over and everyone had their awkward recovery time his friend left, We went to bed and my husband was as hard as I have ever seen him, He f***** me over and over and finally let me go to sleep, He says he doesn't know why he couldn't get hard at the time but says he will make up for it one of the next 100 times he tag teams me with someone and says he now wants to f*** me with every friend and stranger and anyone he can...Hmmm, I don't know about 100 but I am in to let him try to redeem himself.

28 days

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  • My first several MFm threesomes I was the second male. At the time I didn't get why the husbands were letting me get a share of their hot wives, who almost all seemed out of my league, but I was h**** and grateful. Like most guys my age, I wanted FMF threesomes but getting them seemed more of a pipe dream.

    Eventually I got my first FMF. It was not only awesome, but my girlfriend had an agreement with her girl friends to help each other out with FMF threesomes for their men. Score. For the first time I was considering marriage.

    After more than a dozen FMF threesomes with my gf, she asked for a FM+ . Not ready to commit to a GB I talked her down to a MFM first. It was shockingly great. We mostly stopped FMF threesomes for a while and started doing a lot of MFM threesomes. As much as I LOVE FMF strange, I also LOVE watching my wife and s** and doing MFM threesomes with me too. We do GB's too but that's rarer and another story

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