Story time

My wife is Amber. Comment in detail a time you slept with an Amber. Maybe it was her.

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I need a good beating

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  • It definatly was your wife, i know because she told me to come post here and laugh at this. she knows you get on here and she knows you know she ** other men but she has never been cought she has so many escape routes ansd watches for you to pull in the driveway the entie time i ** her and she loved it by the way. she wont even sleep with you anymore

  • She obviously ** losers if she did you. She really had to be desperate!

  • Go into more detail

  • Small town western NY. She took my BBC in her dad's farm truck

  • Why would you watch British television shows in her dad's truck? Was it dr who?

  • I did her with my button size **. We were ** like lesbians, it was great.

  • I went to a frat party when I was a freshman in college. While there I met a girl named Amber and we talked for a while. She told me that she was a virgin and I admitted that I was also. I drank too much and fell asleep. When I woke up, I went to the bathroom which was on the second floor near the bedrooms. After I left the bathroom, I heard a girl moaning in one of the bedrooms. The door was open, so I looked in. Amber was on the bed with a frat guy between her legs ** her and with another guy's ** in her mouth. I watched as seven or eight guys ** her and then left the room. After they had all left, I walked over to the bed and Amber asked if I wanted to ** her. I quickly took off my clothes and got on top of her. I quickly came in her sloppy stretched **. Both Amber and I lost our virginities that night.

  • What town?

  • Wasn't she on trial recently?!

  • I was at school with an Amber. Big **, blonde hair, big **. She was interested in me, I was too dumb to realise and believed all the BS about being a nice guy. She hooked up with an older guy who ** her senseless, turns out she went crazy for the D. Missed the boat on that one...

  • What town

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