I want to be a ** slave!
I wanna be ** constantly and be used all the time.
Could someone here help me out with this, and if you can then tell me what you would do to me if you had me.

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  • I’d be happy to help you out, so here goes. I take you and my German Shepard stud to a vacant house. We’d get naked and make out on the floor. Kissing, touching rubbing getting a wicked **. Wrap into a lusty 69 sucking ** & **, edging but not **. When you can’t take much more. We’ll tease the stud dog. Touch his massive **, rub it jack it tell he Starts to hump still unsheathed. When he’s ready I’ll put you on a bench, on your back and he’ll mount you in the **. When I unsheath his ** he’ll ** 12 inches of swollen dog ** a foot up your sissy ** & knott you like his little **. He will explode into the wickedest ** ** you’re ever had. Glued together he will mate you wildly 4 or 5 times.when he ** I promise… you will too! He’ll shoot torrents of thick scalding hot dog sperm deep in you boy **. He’ll own you…and you’ll like it. When his fat duck pops out of your well ** **. I’ll take you on the floor. I’ll be wicked ** from watching you **, and you will want me..bad. I’ll sink my raging 8 inch ** into your dog ** ** up to the ** & you will wrap your naked legs around me & we’ll ** into a nasty rythum wallowing in your spermy hole, grinding your ** ** wickedly dickn it so ** good. Kissing deeply sucking my tongue I’ll ** a thick warm wad of man ** deep into you sucking boy ** and if your up to it I’ll let you ** my brains out!

  • Oohh, I wasn’t expecting to hear your naughty post, but I have to admit it made me so ** **. I’d like to meet a man like you. I’ve always had a fantasy about being ** wildly by a man and 2or3 dogs. If you have a place we could meet I’d be willing to consider being you & your dogs ** little ** for a wild nite of naughty **. I’ll wear a ** dress and ** fully shaved. I’d love to be repeatedly gang ** by you and your dogs. I want to be wickedly ** by your Dogs. Knott me and give it to me real ** nasty…please. The thought of being wildly sodomized by an a couple of well trained dogs is my ultimate fantasy. I want to be bred like the little ** I am. I want you to have your wicked way with me, fill me up with salty dog sperm. Then you can wallow in my used **. Slow and deep at first working into lusty ** ** breed your ** mix your seed in my ** **. We can ** your dogs sick together swapping his ** sucking licking ** uummmmm! I can’t ** wait!

  • I would dress you in dirty knickers and heels an make u ** urself and make you taste ur own ** an beg to ** **

  • To truly be a slave you surrender yourself totally to a man by making yourself helpless.
    Surrender any money you have and every stitch of clothing you own. When your naked, homeless and penniless, you will be totally dependent and owned.

  • I don’t think I’d want to be a regular ** slave, But I’d like to be owned for a night. I tried it once years ago and I think I’d like to try it again. I hooked up with a ** trans girl. We sucked and ** all night long! It was the best ** I’ve ever had. There was something wild about being repeatedly ** by a ** girl with a big ** that can’t be explained unless you’ve done it.

  • I need to be ** so bad. I would love to meet an effeminate sissy. I’d love to passionately ** your juicy **, swap **, ** tongue and ** deep and nasty. I’ll be a ** for you, or I’ll be your stud and ** your brains out. I’m in heat!

  • It's good that you are recognizing this deep, genuine desire in yourself. Really living in a full time relationship like the one you describe is a big commitment, both for you and for any partner you find. Be patient and take it slow.

    There are online communities of folks who feel the way you do. Find them, and explore.

    Be very sure that you understand the role of consent and honest discussion at the start of the relationship you are seeking. Doing this will make the difference between having a rich, full, trusting (and hot!) experience, and having one that is frustrating or abusive or both.

  • I force my wife to be a slave. Wear what I select. Be tied, whipped for my pleasure. ** when I want. She has to ask permission to go to the toilet. She has to thank me after everything. Could you do that?

  • Yes, I can help with that!

  • I’d love to stud for you.

  • Then I’d bring another girl and we’d ** on top of you, while you are roped to the bed

  • I’d Rope you to the bed and leave you with a ** on until I finish work, then come back and ** that swollen p*** until I’m finished

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