I want to kill myself because maybe then the girl that my boyfriend cheated on me with will feel how horrible I feel right now.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Hey, if he loves you so much, he would not cheat on you.He is NOT a great man! He is a lying, cheating B******!
    Get rid of him, and find some one who will treat you with respect, so in turn you can respect yourself.
    The girl will not care if you kill your self, she is NOT the one that cheated on you, the scum bag did.

  • the problem is that he's not. He's the greatest man i've met minus that. he makes me realise just how much he loves me that little bit more each day.
    and it's killing me

  • Honey,why would you want HER to feel horrible?HE cheated on you,he is the b******.And trust me,no man is that great to deserve your killing yourself over him.There are always better ways to get your "revenge" if this is what you need in order to move on,trust me!

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