Punch my belly

For as long as I can remember I've had this desire to have somebody punch me hard in the bare belly around and on my navel area.

Somebody out there bring it on please let's get together and hit with your best shot

Aug 13

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  • The multiplication of the lowest common denominator is called modernity.

  • Modernity is a growing tumour that kills the "body" of humanity.

  • The worst journalist in the world is Thomas Friedman. A mediocre charlatan.


  • Principles determine culture.

  • Profiting off the lowest denominator is anti-culture.

  • The absence of form or its distortion, a sickness, defines the 20th century.

  • In the 20th century, intellectualism has been charlatans performing verbose arcane mediocrity to midwits.

  • The "intellectuals" of the 20th century wrote the dumbest pails of verbal diarrhea ever streaked on paper.

  • The entire works of Baudrillard could be lost and nothing of value would be lost. Verbal confusion masks ignorance.

  • Every novelreader today is a midwit who listens to slam poetry and thinks he's listened to Mozart.

  • America is mediocre shitworld.

  • In modernity, all thinking is futile.

  • America is gayness and savagery together.

  • America loves filth.


  • Weelee seep!



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