To be a bisexual

My first bisexual experience was as a kid when on a camping trip this guy asked me to suck his d***. We didn't go to completion, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Since then I've lived my life as a straight person with only occasional interludes with men. But the best s** I ever had was being butt f***** by a guy hung like a gorilla.

The way his d*** filled my a*** was sensational. He f***** me multiple times and all I could do was moan as though I were in some sort of ecstasy. All that day, as I went about my business, I could feel his c** dripping out from my behind. I'd then go into a swoon all over again.

The guilt that came afterwards was unrelenting. We exchanged emails and he wanted to see me again. By then, however, I was suffering from guilt. I blocked his messages and disappeared. I so regret that decision today. I'd give anything to find him again.

I'm no longer ashamed of this inclination, just haven't found the ideal man to have his way with me. I ponder if I have a c*** in my ass, cause I prefer a*** over all. [sigh] And such be my situation in life. Now happily married, but buried in me is a dark side I find difficult letting go. I will forever remember the time I got f***** to ultimate satisfaction. Nothing comes close since then. I long for the day when I meet another man that can fulfill this passion. We'd have to be discreet, but I know I can give the best ass anyone could want.

I moan like a b****, beg that he not stop, stroke me hard or anyway you please, just take all of me. I like to swallow, feeling the c** run from my mouth and down my face. And I clean his pipe like a pro.

I can't cruise, and I don't know how to pursue future and safe connections. It is a dilemma.

Aug 16

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