Such a weird night.

I am a 32 year old, Single female, I play on an all women's rec hockey team and we got invited to a tournament, We accepted and somehow the person doing all the organizing things booked me in a double room with our goalie who everyone is well aware is a lesbian in a committed relationship and openly gay. I was fine with it but...She brought her GF so that made s*** super awkward and the first night I crawled into bed and listened to a short kissing session before we all went to sleep, The next morning they both walked around half dressed and laughed and slapped each others butts etc. and then we carried on with our day, We won our portion of the tournament so there was big celebration and lots of drinks, I had met a guy and was flirting with him but it didn't turn out to be anything so around midnight I wandered off to my room.
I opened the door and walked in to see my two room mates in the midst of...Getting busy, My goalie was kneeling beside the bed, Her Gf was on her back, Legs up, Arms hooked behind her knees and I froze, I said "Oh s***, Oh f***, I am so sorry, I'll go back downstairs". My goalie came rushing over and blocked my exit and said "Wait, Wait, Wait...I am sorry, Just wait", I was looking anywhere except at her because she was buck naked and standing right in front of me, I told her it was fine and then I said "Actually why don't you finish up and I am going to go have a shower?" trying to think of anything because I really didn't want to go back downstairs.
My goalie looked at her GF and then at me and said "Watch us?", I was a bit shocked and must have shown it because she was like "Totally hands off, I won't even try to convince you to join...Just watch...Please?". I never said a word but she took my hand and led me to my bed, I sat o the edge and her GF sat across from me, She looked at me nervously and my goalie stepped between her and I, Knelt down and pushed her GF onto her back. At least 15 minutes I watched them and they watched me and my reactions. My goalie finished her GF first and wow, She definitely finished and then her GF spun around, Laid on her back and my goalie sat on her face, She started out facing away from me and I could see it all, Holy what a sight in person, After a few minutes she turned around, She was facing me and stared me in the eyes while her Gf got her off.
After a short cuddle session while I sat in disbelief of what I had just sat and watched they got up and went to shower, I quickly got undressed and got under the covers which was when I realized I needed to change my underwear because they were wet, I had a fast solo session and went to sleep in just my T-shirt after tossing my panties on the floor beside my bed, I laid there as they came out of the shower and had the covers on, My goalie came out first and laid on my bed naked, She looked at me and said "You ok?", I nodded and she looked me in the eyes and said "We ok?", I nodded and she went to get up, I said "But..." and she stopped, I said "Can we just keep this between us?", She said "Yeah, Of course", She got up on the opposite side of my bed, Looked down at my panties and bit her bottom lip, Walked around the bed and looked down at the covers seeing the wet spot where I had been sitting that I didn't even notice then ran her hand across it and smiled as she got under the covers.
Her GF came out and smiled at me as she walked to her side of the bed and got in, We went to sleep and no one said a word about it since, We talk like normal and they are both just totally normal about it.

Aug 16

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