I never thought i'd never be that girl.

I had s** with my assistant manager (who has a girlfriend). Everybody at work now knows this. Then I had s** with my manager (who I REALLY like but who also has a long-term girlfriend). No body at work knows this. Then I got hammered and got with my best friend/sisters boyfriend. No body knows this. And that last one is really the only one I truely regret and would take it back.

I never thought i'd be the girl who gets with people who are already taken. But my assistant manager was a really close friend but a mistake (although I wouldn't take it back - he was my first). Then; I am/was obsessed with my manager and I couldn't care less if he has a girlfriend. I know that sounds bad but I can't help it. And I don't feel bad for her because she did it to his wife.

The last 4 or 5 guys i've been involved with have had girlfriends. It amazes me that this percentage of guys cheat with such little persuasion.

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  • Agreed. You're a home wrecker. One of my now-former female friends and business associates did this, too often, until word got around. She'd meet guys for, what we call one to one meetings, at hotels, they'd fk the h*** out of her, and, she'd move onto the next one. Most of the time, they were either married or with someone long-term.

    When one guy's long-term gf found out and dragged my friend's name through the mud, I didn't defend her one bit; Told her, in my car when we were out one day, "Told you this would happen. It's your fault". One guy was married with two little kids. Yet, to her, he was "far too hot to be married". S***.

  • And we have a home wrecker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • that aint cool at all.... do you know all the drama ur getting urself into and not to mention what do these guys really think about u, find someone that wants you and only you

  • You seem surprised at your ability to seduce men, and blame them? You are a serial predator. Just find a f****** single guy, okay?

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