First time, you never forget

I went to college and got a degree in Geology. I got a job working for a seismic company and they sent me offshore on a boat on a 14 day assignment. My job was reading the results, so I worked in the office on board. I was assigned to a two bunk room which already had a man assigned to it. When I got to the room he told me he was the top bunk guy and I was the bottom bunk guy. Little did I know what that meant.

As the newbie on board he introduced himself riding my back and inserting himself completely inside of my r*****. I won't lie, I was scared and trapped and I liked it, especially once he got into his rhythm. The rooms were very small and there was a small washbasin in the room, I washed his d*** and then showed him respect by giving him oral s**. It was the most exciting thing I had ever done and I became his onboard 'b****'.

The word got around, but not from me. Everyone knows whose b**** you are and the pecking order follows whose you b**** for. He was a deck hand so I went to the bottom of the pile with the other b******. He worked a regular offshore shift and my assignment was a one time thing. It didn't matter how far or how long it's been since you see him, once you are his b**** that's the way you stay. There is no moving up, unless he moves up.

I had to change jobs to move up the pecking order and this time I made myself available to much higher ranking man. But regardless you never get over your first, that first time is seared into my memory and even if it was scary it was worth every second of it and I don't regret any of it.

Aug 28

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