Okay here's the thing my best friend is mean. Ever since we've been friends she doesn't do anything but insult me. "I have horrible hair, I wear too much black, I can't sing, my boyfriends fat." that's all I hear day after day. The other day at lunch my other friend sat in her seat and she got all p***** that I wouldn't make him move or move with her because all she would do was b**** and moan and we're not really allowed to move after we get there, I knew she would blame me and she did. Now all the little wench does is run her mouth about me telling people horrible things about me and trying to turn people against me. Sadly this isn't even the first time she did something like this, she did it last time because I didn't tell her I liked a guy. I don't know what to do I see her all the f****** time and I have already resorted to tears because of the s*** she's saying. I hate school now and I didn't used to. This b**** won't stop every time I try to talk to someone she interupts me talks s*** about me and screws with my friendships even though she hates most of these people. At school all I want to do is cry or puke and I don't know what to do. Yeah yeah, I know if you're reading this you probably think who the f*** cares but I'm upset about it even though I know it's a stupid f****** problem but I HATE THE B**** and don't know what to do

Mar 19, 2012

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  • She sounds jealous. I would find me another friend and not some drama queen.

  • What she does, what she says and how she acts has so little to do with you and who you are, it's about her. She's unhappy and possibly jealous and this is her way of calling attention to herself. She's a bully and she most likely won't stop unless someone stands up to her. Whatever her problem is, it doesn't help because it's making your life miserable. It won't stop until you do something. Pull her aside after school or something and tell her how her actions hurt you. If she uses this against you, you'll know that she's not a friend to be trusted. But at least you will have said something, so when you choose to end the friendship it won't be a huge surprise. If if does come to that, block her calls and block and defriend her on facebook. Don't give her the satisfaction that it gets to you. She's looking for a reaction. Let her talk about you. You and your true friends will know the truth.

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