Partner older

My first man was much older than me
but i took it ok
and now it's easier for me with those who are older

18 days

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  • If the guy is older he has more experience he can take care of a naive young girl

    NB: The Muslim call to prayer sounds like a screaming banshee. The Quranic recitation sounds like a shrieking cat. And I thought Chinese opera was bad.

  • I'm 42 now & not sharing my age because I was a minor and freshman in high school at the time. My first time was was with an older guy. He was divorced and a friend of our family. He lived alone and traveled a lot for work. He hired me to clean his apartment and work laundry once a week. B knew I had a boyfriend at the time but we hadn't done anything. There was flirting and the next thing we were kissing. We went to his bedroom and he went down on me!!! I remember being so aroused! I told him I wanted it. I also told him he'd be my first. He thought for sure I wasn't a virgin. At this point I was begging him to take it but I wasn't on birth control. He said he'd had a vasectomy and I'd be fine. We had s** and it opened the flood gates.

  • Wow! Lucky lady. My first time was with my mom’s boyfriend at the time. I was 14 and he was in his early 40’s. He walked in on me showering as he thought it was my mom as I was showering in her bathroom.

    He walked in the shower with a huge errection and I dropped to my knees.

    He blew his load then he laid me on the bed. Ate me out. I begged for his c***. He said no but eventually gave it to me.

    It hurt so bad but I loved every minute. I ended up with over 30 men before I met my husband at the age of 23

  • My wife had a lot of older men before we met.
    She said they just really loved her 27 yr old slim blonde body....and that she was very sexually adventuress. Oral, a***, handjobs, 69. Everything was game.

  • I think her body fell apart and now she's frumpy. she'll make your life h*** if you don't use the p*** hand.

    Also wondering where I should put my Quran because I put it on the table once and my dog grabbed it and tore it to pieces. Also is it permissible to have your dog fetch your Quran for you when you're debating Muslims?

  • My first was much older as well. I was 14 and my first was my mom’s boyfriend. He was 42. I had the biggest crush on him and loved the attention he showed me. I begged him to take me.

    Now that I am much older I enjoy the opportunity to teach young men how to satisfy a woman. But they mush be of legal age of coarse.

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