Doomsday pending

Am I crazy for thinking WW3 is just around the corner.
Since Covid, the BLM movements is the U.S. and abroad, political interference in every country and an ever escalating war in Ukraine. I've begun to prepare for what looks like really tough times on the horizon.
I've never been into guns, but now I have several. I have a growing stockpile of ammunition and practise regularly.
Never been worried about food, but now I've been stocking up and growing my own.
I've tried to educate myself and get qualified in multiple industries in the event my employment ends.
I see either WW3 or a great depression in the near future.
Am I becoming a doomsday nut job? Or am I seeing the inevitable?

Dec 14

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  • I understand your fears. It is hard to be afraid and feel helpless. I feel this way all the time. I would like to say to you that it is a feeling. A feeling that will not go away just because you have guns.
    I am a black American from the rural mountains and I feel split as I watch public figures manipulative people by creating boogie men, i.e. BLM, political interference, white supremacy, us versus them narratives. The truth is that you are fine. you are probably a good person trying to do what you can to survive, just like all of the rest of us.
    I would ask that you get out and see people. Talk to them, especially people who are different than you. You will find that everyone is feeling the same fear. BLM is no different that the women protesting in Iran. People, like you and me and 8 billion others, just want to feel safe. Speak to the mother's who have lost their sons. Young men and women who have suffered. You will find real people with real problems that you can relate to. I say the same to people to talk about white privilege, but fail to understand the systematic pain that groups like Irish Americans have endured for centuries. People lash out when they are in pain and afraid. It doesn't mean they are personally coming after you.
    Again, I speak as a black American and a rural Appalachian American. People will tell you have black Americans are violent and out to get you. Don't listen. They will tell you and mountain people like me are dumb, inbred, marry our sisters and ** people in the woods. No of this is true. People are good or bad based on themselves not based on a group that they belong to.
    Sending you love.
    P.s. I have nothing against guns. That was not my point. Only that guns doesn't make us feel safe. Love does.

  • BLM is a marxist cash grab that, unfortunately, uses race to divide us and push forth a political agenda. Patrice Cullors and friends should be in jail.

  • BLM and Iran protests are not the same. Not even close.

  • Its good you're getting qualified in multiple industries because who knows what the economy will need. And growing food is a plus too. Honestly the Ukraine situation likely only has as much legs as Putin himself, and the global status quo has too much money to descend into anarchy. You're kinda becoming a doomsday nut job with some over-all positive hobbies. Probably read less partisan news, maybe dial back the social media. My father stockpiles weapons because he fears immigrants and blm, its been a very troubling decline to watch. I'm sure you have people in your life who you don't want to subject to that. Keep up with the self reliance stuff, that used to be called "being a man" things will be fine if not frustrating. If it all blows up then 20 years of hoarded soup won't save you anyway

  • Idk man. Anything could come anytime. It can be totally random just like the pandemic. You are employed and you are not worried about putting food on the table, so I assume you have enough wealth. What you are saying however makes it look like you must be stressed a lot. In this case you could try something that may help you relax. Experience a simpler lifestyle. Also it is always harder to face an apocalypse when you have so much to lose. Moving out of your comfort zone could benefit you.

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