Shoe play fantasy

I have a shoe play fantasy that turns me on. My wife and I go to a local mall. We sit for a snack at the food court. One of my wife’s friends is sitting two tables in front of us. My wife’s friend is in her late 20s and is clad in shorts and wearing some brown moccasins.

My wife waves to her friend and goes to visit her friend at the table. Her friend is seated with her back to me. She has her long tan legs crossed and is slowly kicking her left leg back and forth

My wife is seated in front of her friend. My wife waves at me and I wave back to her and her friend.They are both beautiful women. My wife has ** legs and feet as well.

My wife says, “Yes that’s my husband.” As my wife visits her friend from time to time her friend starts dangling a moccasin of her left foot and she slowly kicks her leg back
and forth. Her friend looks back over her shoulder at me from time to time. She asks
my wife, “What is your husband looking at?”
“He looks like he is staring at something.”

My wife looks back at me and can tell now
what I’m looking at. My wife gets a big grin
on her face and whispers to her friend, “My husband has a leg and **.” He is checking out your legs and your shoe dangling.” My wife and her friend looked back at me and grin. My wife told her friend, “ If you really want to get his attention let your moccasin dangle back and forth off your foot.” He will get a ** looking at your legs and heel popping out of your shoe.”

My wife’s friend then began rhythmically kicking her tan leg back and forth with her moccasin popping off her smooth tan rounded heel! I felt my self getting
turned on! My wife’s friend kept looking back over her shoulder at me with a wicked grin. My wife was smiling a pretty smile and laughing. My wife then whispered to her friend, “My husband has a bulge in his pants and is hard as a rock.” “You can really turn him on if you take off your moccasins and put your feet on and the floor.” “Show him some legs and soles.”

So my wife’s friend showed her tan legs and soles under the table I got turned on big time! My wife and her friend looked back at me! I was hard as a rock! I looked up and they were smiling and laughing!

Later we all went to our house and my wife and her friend ordered me to strip ** and ** off I watched both of the dangle their shoes and later flex their soles! I was hard as a rock and shot a big load of sperm as they giggled and laughed!

Dec 26

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