Dressing a bad boy in girl clothes

My mom and me flew to her sister house. i been getting in trouble, telling my mom that i am the man in charge, not my mom. the airport lost my suitcase, so we drove to my aunt house, where she had 3 older girls. the girls were laughing at my long hair, which made me look like a girl. little did i know that in was in trouble. i went outside to play with the girls. before i knew it, the 3 girls began to tear off my clothes, i tried to get away, but they over powered me and i was running to the house as the girl followed me. they said i started the fight and my mom agreed. my mom and aunt took me into a bedroom and started pulling my new outfit out of a dresser and grabbing ruffle pink ** and white pantyhose. before i knew it, i was a girl. i was not happy when they dragged into the living room with the 3 girls who were laughing so hard, i got mad and called them some bad names. i never said those words before my mom. my mom pulled me over her knee , lifted my dress and gave me the spanking of my life. i never felt silky pantyhose before and i got a ** the more i got spanked. suddenly, my mom stood up and saw i went off in my ** and my mom was mad. she ripped off my dress to see i did come in my **. i was march to the kitchen chair and told to sit still. the girls were laughing at me. then my mom was standing behind me when i heard the sound of a pair of hair clippers being turned on and they were pressing against my head and began going up on my head. i cried to stop, but my mom told me that this will teach me a lesson of back talking . before i knew it, she cut off all my hair that she put on my lap to see the hair. everyone was laughing. i was crying away. i was taken to the bathroom where my mom gave me a bath and my aunt got me new girl clothes to wear. i had to wear girls clothes for the entire summer.

Jan 4

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  • The ultimate sissy fantasy, humiliated in front of girls and wearing their clothes.

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