Wife’s ** photo’s

I have an urge that grows stronger everyday. It is the urge to send my wife’s ** photos to complete strangers. I don’t mean your run of the mill ** pictures. I’m talking about spread wide ** pictures and in a lot of them she is spreading her ** lips open in addition to her legs spread wide.
My wife is a really fine looking woman. So we aren’t talking about your everyday run of the mill woman. What’s makes me want to do this is beyond my ability to understand. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out. But it sure isn’t today.

Jan 8

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  • It increases her value in your eyes due to other men admiring her. She becomes an object of sexual desire and you get to have her....thus, getting the admiration of other men.

  • Do you fantasize about having her face in the pics? Or just her **?

  • I really recommend you to do it. I had the same urge, I dared to do it, and it’s been great. I ** a lot and have wonderful **. I don’t send them to strangers, I send them to family members and friends. I blur her face and background, and I also send them pictures of other women I get on the internet, you know men like to share **. I send the pictures to my brothers in law and friends we have in common, all men that knows her and we see rather frequently. I fantasize on the idea that they somehow recognize her and also ** off thinking of her.

  • You are just a cuck that wants to see your wife ** a big dicked bull like me. It's common, give in and ** my bull sperm out of your pretty wife's **.

  • Yes I am, and I confess. That’s the whole point of this site. My ** is not too big, and I really would like to see my wife riding a bigger **, one that would not slip out as frequently as mine. One that she can ride up and down freely without needing to keeping tight contact. But not only a big **, I also would like my wife to be with a very young man. I fantasize about her being with her 19 year old nephew 35 years younger than her. And also with my uncle who is 75. It makes me so hot!!

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