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I'm a woman and I think that I'm bisexual but I'm not sure. I think that both sexes can be attractive and amazing but I like women so much more in bed. S** with men is nice but I love the feeling of f****** another woman. I also love to eat p**** soooo much. B******* are eh and so are d**** in general. I have a boyfriend right now and I love him and would never cheat on him but I want to eat p**** so badly right now that it hurts. I hope I'm not gay.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Whats wrong with being bi-sexual? Yes, there is that sexual stigma, but you don't have to go about waving rainbow flags, or burning your bra for that matter. Keep it private. Anyways, at this point where you have not had any sexual experience, you are hetro, but curious. Do the deed and never desire c*** = gay. Do the deed and still like d*** = bisexual. Its just a stupid title.

    My wife and I are both bi-sexual. Go figure. We both check both sexes out while at the mall or where ever. Its kinda fun.

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