The time will come soon, I love you—more than anyone ever will. I love you enough to want you to hate me, if it means you will be happy then I will do whatever it takes; for you. Soon I will be gone from this horrible place. I want you to hate me so you will be relieved if not happy when I am not here. Hopefully, I will be gone before next month. The requirements have been met. I regret asking them. I would've been free by now if i hadn't asked them. It seemed nice at the time but now its been so long and sp much has happened and I wish i hadn't asked them. No matter, I will get him and complete set event then I will be able to be free. I cannot defy the rules so I will make sure no new rules get added and once the event is finished and the appropriate time is in place I will free myself from this place and end my suffering with it. My creations disappear with me.

Jan 16

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