This is going to be trouble

I am a concerned mother. I am worried about my son. My idiot husband thinks it is funny.
My son has a huge d***. He is only 11 years old and his d*** is 8 inches long. It looks unnatural on his little 11 year old body. Trying to hide it in loose clothes is a nightmare for me.
Has any other parent dealt with anything like this? My husband is no help.

Feb 3

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  • How do you know how big your 11 year old son's p**** is? Do you actually look at it and measure it? You say that trying to hide it in loose clothing is a nightmare for YOU. It seems to me the problem is not the size of your son's p****. The problem is the boy's abusive and possessive mother. Can you imagine a post a bout a man who writes about his daughter's genitals, including the size of her l****? Pretty crazy, huh? Well then, how is this any different? Mom, stop looking at and measuring your 11 year old son's p****.

  • Wow! So rude. I’m a concerned mother.

  • Don’t make an issue of it. He should be proud of it not embarrassed by it.

    You should praise him and tell him how wonderful it is. I know he may be a bit young for the talk but tell him that one day he will find a wonderful girl and he is going to make her a very, very happy wife

    BTW, is he bigger than your husband, if so that is why he thinks it’s funny. You husband is jealous and feels inadequate when compared to his own son

  • Agreed. Your hubby is likely embarrassed that his pre-pubescent son is better hung than him.

  • Does it in u on a littl

  • He'll grow into it, be happy for him! If anything, compliment him on having a nice c***, so he isn't embarrassed by you.

  • That is a pretty good problem to have

  • There's nothing wrong. Your son is most likely hitting puberty early.

  • Does it bother your son?

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