No socks with sneakers turns me on!

Straight up I have this fetish for girls wearing their shoes without socks, it's so ** ** for some reason! I really don't know why, but that's how it is! I also usually wear my shoes without socks, except in work boots at work.
I think my fetish started when I when I was in the second grade, a friend of mine, let's call her Mary Anne, was wearing these really cute pink canvas sneakers and I noticed on the playground. I loved how the hem framed her cute ankles, I was early to knowing that "Cooties" weren't real (Til middle school when I figured out that STDs were a thing!) and how you could see smooth, bare skin down to the soft insole when she played with them.
When I left a homeschool program and went to public school, I thought I'd struck gold, white Vans and no socks showing on most of the girls! It really crushed me when I realized that there were socks that didn't usually show and almost every pretty girl was wearing them. (So ladies, please just skip the socks, there might be someone wonderful who might just be wonderful and turned on by such a simple thing!)
Thankfully, my girlfriend of a year doesn't seem to even own socks anymore! She loves to tease me with it and I love it! She often asks me to rub her feet, especially after she's worn heels all day, and I enjoy that! I really like taking her boots off with my teeth and she's barefoot! Sometimes she asks me to lick them and I love it!
So, the story seems to have ended well for me! Anybody out there who has any experience with a **? I'd love to hear it!

Feb 16

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  • Shoes without socks makes those feet smell so strong the best

  • Reminds me of the time I had ** with the high school basketball coach in the locker room while wearing low top white Chuck’s.
    The floor was concrete and very dirty. I wasn’t going to go barefoot on that floor. lol
    *Spoiler Alert* for the OP! Sorry, I was wearing no show socks.

  • Warning!
    I was very naughty in high school and college. lol
    I gave it some thought and because this is anonymous, decided to explain more.
    This is going to sound Sooooo slutty & bad.

    It was 1993, I was a freshman on the junior cheer squad. Mom dropped me off for practice but missed a message it was canceled. Yes, I was wearing my cheer outfit.
    The gym was unlocked. I went in but no one was there. I was calling out and I heard someone.
    It was Coach H (late 40s, former military, fit, attractive, married, kids away at college). He told me Mrs. K’s husband was in an accident and cancelled practice. I asked to use the phone in his office located the boys locker room to call my mom. He made a joke about how well I knew my way around the locker room.
    Well, Coach H caught me giving a senior oral during lunch break a few weeks earlier. Thankfully, we just got scolded along with the ‘safe **’ speech.
    I called. Of course, Mom wasn’t home but I knew she’d be back in an hour.
    Coach H was wearing loose shorts and I noticed he kept adjusting himself. I’ll admit I was being flirty to get his attention. I twirled and asked if he like my uniform. He asked if my boyfriend and I were behaving. I told him he wasn’t my boyfriend. He was a senior that asked me to give him a **. We snuck off and I did.
    Things moved quickly.
    I initiated by pulling at his shorts. His ** popped out. It was thicker and longer than my bf’s. He was semi-hard so I gave him oral. It didn’t take long for him to get fully hard. I wanted more so I stepped out of my shorts and skirt. I left my shoes on because the floor was concrete and dirty.
    I sat on the edge of the desk. He handed me a condom from one of the drawers but also told me he couldn’t get me pregnant. He said, ‘it’s your call.’ I’d previously been with four guys, wasn’t on birth control so I made sure they used a condom.

  • Since Coach H couldn’t get me pregnant, I wanted to try without. I dropped it back inside the drawer. The desk wasn’t comfortable after a few minutes so I stood and bent over.
    I was enjoying the rhythm, he slamming into my ‘spot’ and just given me a big “O”. He pulled me tight and I felt the warm rush of him releasing inside me. It was a lot. When he pulled out a big glob hit the floor. lol
    This was also the first time I had ** with a guy and we never kissed before, during or afterward.
    We got dressed. I stayed in his office and chatted while he cleaned the floor with a towel.
    He told me he keeps condoms a supply of condoms in his desk and they’re available with no questions asked.

  • Fetishes are so specific and weird.

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