My part time job

I have an unusual part time job that is nearly making as much money as my Monday-Friday job at the insurance office. I almost can't believe I am doing it but it is so easy and only tales a couple of hours a week.
I am a 27 year old woman. Average body and looks but apparently I have one special quality. I apparently have, what is considered to be, a very pretty **. I am a "** model".
I don't want to get her in trouble, I am sure there is some ** rule against what she did. It all started when my long time gynecologist gave me a card and told me I should call them for some part time work. She was very vague. I called the number and the woman stated i had to come in for an interview. At first this woman was very vague and I was starting to get ** off that no one would be straight with me. Finally the woman handed me a binder. It was full of ** pictures. I noticed all of the pictures were like glam pics. Stockings, lace **, lingerie and nudes. Front, back but all the pictures were from the waist down. NO FACE or even upper body. And all of the women were shaved or very closely groomed.
I got over the shock and discussed it with my husband. We both agreed as long as no face pictures why not.
So for 2 hours a week I allow a photographer to take pictures of my **. I actually don't know where they go and I don't care. It is private and easy.
After I started my first visit with my gynecologist was hilarious. We both laughed the entire appointment.

Feb 24

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  • I believe you! My first wife had the sexiest v***** I had ever seen. She kept it groomed close which was nice. I talked her into letting me shave her completely. Afterwards I took pictures of her from the waist down and even she admitted how nice she looked. She could have been a V model for sure. Honestly I didn’t know there was such a thing but she could have made her some money too.

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